Do chiropractic adjustments hurt?

Dr. Kashi is known to have a gentle touch. He’s extremely experienced in delivery of adjustments, and in all likelihood you’ll find some relief. At times, this relief can come with some mild discomfort during the adjustment. For example, if Dr. Kashi needs to use an aggressive technique to address your condition, you would be more likely to feel minor and temporary discomfort during the adjustment.

The answer to this question depends upon the patient – people’s tolerance for pain and anxiety in new situations vary widely. We feel confident assuring you that no adjustment will hurt very much.

Many new patients are apprehensive about the pain during adjustments, but most say afterwards that it was no big deal.

How many visits will I need in order to heal?

This varies based on each patient’s condition and the response of their body to treatment. Dr. Kashi will explain and answer all of your questions during your second visit. Take a look at our What To Expect page to learn more about your first two visits.

Do you accept insurance? What about cash?

Yes we do.

We work with many insurance carriers including Medicare, Cigna, Aetna, United, Carefirst, Bluecross, Blueshield, and plans from John Hopkins Hospital.

We also accept cash patients. While we don’t offer “care plans”, we do work to make care affordable to cash-paying patients. Please inquire.

Will I get adjusted on my first visit?

Typically, yes you will get adjusted on your first visit.

Can I Do Anything at Home to Compliment My Care?

We teach stretching to all patients as soon as they are ready, and we encourage you to complete these stretches at home.

We’ll also provide you with take-home papers including diagrams for any specific exercises we teach you in the office. We’ll give you instructions on how many repetitions and at what frequency you should do them.

When you return for a visit, we’ll review what we taught previously and teach more as necessary.

Have more questions? Call us at (410) 285-2600.