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What to Expect

Before You Arrive

Make sure to bring the following with you to your appointment:

  • New patient paperwork, if printed at home
  • Your insurance card(s)
  • Any X-rays, MRIs or medical reports
  • Recommendations from other doctors
  • A list of your medications

Your First Visit

On your first visit you will be warmly welcomed by our staff.

On your first visit you will be warmly welcomed by our staff.

Please set aside about 60 minutes for this first visit.

When you arrive, Deborah and Denise will assist you by:

  • Taking your paperwork and insurance information
  • Giving you a tour of the office
  • Showing you a brief video
  • Answering questions you may have about chiropractic care
  • Taking you to the exam room and providing a gown for upper body during the exam
  • Taking your vitals
  • Helping you in the checkout process

Once it’s time to meet Dr. Kashi, he will spend 15-30 minutes with you to:

  • Take your full medical history
  • Listen about your health problems
  • Talk with you about how your health issues are affecting balance in your life
  • Ask about your health goals during healing and wellness
  • Explain where he finds subluxations in your spine
  • Deliver adjustments as necessary
  • Recommend therapy, as necessary

Your Second Visit

At your Report of Findings visit, we’ll present to you a report of Dr. Kashi’s findings in a folder you can keep. You will have a chance to look over this report before meeting with Dr. Kashi, so that you can ask questions and discuss it fully with him.

Once your questions and concerns are resolved, he will again adjust you and you will move on the see Deborah in the PT room if you need to receive physical therapy. Typically, the second visit takes around 45 minutes.

Regular Visits

If you continue with care, you can expect following visits to last 30 minutes or less. Adjustments are quick, and most of this time may be taken up by your physical therapy.

We hope you choose to maintain the work that’s been done in your initial adjustments. And we trust you’ll see the difference in the way you feel over time. Maintenance is important.

Give our Baltimore chiropractic office a call to schedule an appointment and get started.

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